Tiles Format

7 Factors To Use Big Format Tiles

1.Offers A Higher Sense Of Spaciousness

In the very same way that light colors offer the sensation of larger size to any space, the size or size of the tiles also straight impacts the understanding of the size of a space.

2.Ideal For Exteriors

Big format porcelain stoneware can use fantastic strategies when cladding the exteriors, not just because of their size, but also since of the strength and toughness advantages they supply.

3.Big Formats Are Trending.

Also, if you wish to depend on date and follow the definition of style, you must bear in mind of using big porcelain formats. In them, you will find the response to create places of excellent appeal and originality.

4.Provides A Variety Of Uses

Big surface areas pave the way to a lot of ingenious ideas about design, given that they use a lot of uses. It is possible to use porcelain stoneware for the style of restroom, kitchen, countertops, work tables, amongst many other ideas, due to its size, consistency, and high technical efficiency.

5.Create A Connection Impact

The big extensions in the porcelain pieces allow the surface areas to be covered using a small number of pieces. This equates into a smaller sized variety of groupings that make it possible to develop a greater level of visual harmony.

The decrease of the grouping of the pieces causes a higher visual connection that just large-format porcelain sheets can provide.

6.Reduction Setup Time

Another benefit that we can highlight over this kind of format is the decrease in the setup time. When the porcelain tile is bigger, a smaller sized quantity of sheets is needed, which in turn facilitates its assembly and reduces the time invested in it.

Years back, it might be heard that big format tiles were more made complex to position compared to standard ones. These issues stayed in the previous thanks to ingenious setup techniques that allow fast, easy, and simple tiling.