Cutting Stone

Using a stone saw is not extremely complex, but it is rather different from using other kinds of saws. Today, we provide you some recommendations to cut with a stone saw thanks to which you can ensure whatever will run efficiently, and you will get the very best possible results.

A stone saw is a kind of product cutter that is used to cut stone and comparable products. Often it is also referred to as a masonry saw since it can be used to cut bricks.

Stone cutting needs a unique cutting disc covered with diamond particles.

As the diamond disk slides through the stone, it can raise a large quantity of harmful dust and get too hot really rapidly. That is why nearly all stone saws have a system to make water circulation to the disc and the stone while the saw is on.

The saws of tiles, tiles, and tiles are really comparable to those of stone but tend to be smaller sized, lighter, and have a table that moves inside the blade. The stone saws are created for heavy and big pieces that would be hard to move, so the part that relocates this case is the sheet.

Preparation Ideas For Cutting With A Stone Saw

Certainly, stone saws are made to cut stone, but not all stones are the exact same. Depending upon the firmness or abrasiveness of your “aggregate” in specific, you might need a more customized kind of diamond disc.

Always examine that the water system in the saw is working in the past, beginning to cut anything. And as constantly, determine two times and cut as soon as (so it can take place).

Pointers For Cutting Stone, Granite, Concrete And More

The damp cutting is more effective to dry cutting. In case you need to make a dry cut, you should make other extra preparations: purchase a diamond disc for dry cutting, a breathing security mask, and cut just in a well-aerated location.

When you cut dry, you need to provide the disc time to cool rather regularly. You will not have the ability to make a deep cut simultaneously, but you will need to make a number of shallow passes.

Let the maker do the work anytime you use a stone saw. All you will get is to use the blade before if you attempt to press the diamond disc into the stone too rapidly.

Do not apply any lateral pressure on the stone or disc throughout cutting. This might cause the blade to flex, or even worse, to break and a great deal of shrapnel shot in your instructions or that of an innocent spectator.

It might occur that it appears that your diamond blade is still really sharp, but simply stop cutting. Due to the fact that the metal band that holds the diamonds on the blade has actually melted on them, this is generally. You can get it to work once again by “dressing” the blade once again.