For over 300 years brownstone originating from the “Portland Formation” along the Connecticut River has been used in the construction or “trimming” of churches, universities and landmarks throughout the Northeast including New York’s Brownstones and the majority of buildings in Boston’s historic Beacon Hill’s neighborhood.  This form of sandstone, famous for its reddish-brown hue has often been used to compliment classic brick in residential and commercial construction.

In Connecticut, this locally sourced brownstone was used in the construction of the Arch at Hartford’s Bushnell Park and the Old State House, for the trimming of New Haven’s Yale Repertory Theatre and in the construction of numerous buildings on Middletown’s Wesleyan University campus.  Although this trademark brownstone remains in high demand for restoration projects, the Portland Brownstone Quarry closed its gates in 2012."

To meet the demands for classic brownstone, O&G works with suppliers from around the globe to source the highest quality brownstone for our clients.  Our imported brownstone has been used to compliment the trademark brownstone from the Portland Formation without sacrificing the quality or integrity of restoration projects through the Northeast.